Detached Garages, Sheds, Outbuildings


Are you building a shed

 or an outbuilding with living quarters?

Any structure that a person sleeps in (even occasionally) is a dwelling and must be permitted like one.  Please see the process for that here.

All-Croix Inspections issues outbuilding, shed, and detached garage permits for all of our contracted municipalities EXCEPT* in the towns of Baldwin, Diamond Bluff, Ellsworth, Erin Prairie, Eau Galle, Gilman, Hartland, Maiden Rock, Martell, River Falls, Salem, Springfield, Trimbelle, and Union.

*Please Note:  Though All-Croix Inspections does not issue permits for outbuilding in these municipalities, you may still need a land use permit and/or a building permit from the municipality. Contact your municipality.

Outbuilding Height Restrictions/Setbacks ETC.
Questions such as these are zoning questions and should be directed to the zoning administrator for the property you are building on.  Most zoning information can be found on the respective zoning administration's website.  This may be the county the property is located in or in some cases, it may be the municipality or extraterritorial zoning.  Documentation of the setbacks and other pertinent information must be included with your application. See #6 of Checklist for Outbuilding Apps

Application & Necessary Documents 

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