Detached Garages, Sheds, Outbuildings

All-Croix Inspections issues outbuilding, shed, and detached garage permits for all of our contracted municipalities EXCEPT* in the towns of Baldwin, Diamond Bluff, Ellsworth, Emerald, Erin Prairie, Eau Galle, Gilman, Hartland, Maiden Rock, Martell, River Falls, Salem, Springfield, Trimbelle, and Union.

*Please Note:  Though All-Croix Inspections does not issue permits for outbuilding in these municipalities, you may still need a land use permit and/or a building permit from the municipality. Contact your municipality.

Application & Necessary Documents 

Outbuilding Height Restrictions

Pierce County
Maximum Height-35 feet, measured from the average grade to the highest point.

St. Croix County
Maximum Height-20 feet, measured to the highest point of the roof for flat roofs; from the base of the building to the average height between eaves and the ridge for hip, gable, and gambrel roofs; and to the deck line of mansard roofs.

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