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Chapters SPS 320 to 325 

Any deck, whether connected to a structure or free-standing, that serves as an exit must meet the standards of the WI Uniform Dwelling Code.   


The following items are needed to apply for a building permit for a deck.

Filled out in its entirety, signed, and dated.

Please include this if you need more room than what the application allows for


We must have this for homeowners doing their own work or hiring a contractor that does not have a valid Dwelling Contractor Qualifier License in the State of WI.


          Land Use From County

          (Note: A Land Use permit is NOT the same as a building permit.)

If you are in Pierce County (with the exception of the Town of River Falls, the Village of Elmwood, the Village of Spring Valley, or the Village of Ellsworth (ETZ))  you will get your Land Use permit from Pierce County Land Use and Zoning. If you are in the ETZ, your zoning will be looked at with this permit application.


St. Croix County-needed if you are near wetlands, drainage easement, etc. *If it is questionable, we require documentation stating that it is not required.

          Deck Plans 

          Design Specifications-Must Include one of the 2 options below.

Option 1:  Design load calculated and stamped by a registered engineer. (PLEASE NOTE:  We can not accept deck plans from your local home improvement  store unless they are accompanied with engineered calculations.  These stores do not provide engineered calculations.)  

Option 2: The worksheet at the end of Appendix B  SPS 325 filled out and showing compliance with the standards in Chapters SPS 320 to 325 APPENDIX B and Appendix C, if applicable.  (PLEASE NOTE: These standards do not account for privacy screens, planters, built−in seating, hot tubs, stairs for multiple− level decks, etc. Engineering analysis is needed for decks with these designs.

& CSM (Certified Survey Map or Plat Map--get from County)

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