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Follow These Steps to Obtain a  Permit for Your Manufactured Home

1.  Obtain a Driveway Permit

All new homes need  either a driveway application or a copy of an approved driveway permit (from the municipality) turned in with the new house building application.  If you are building in the towns of Clifton, Hammond, Oak Grove, or the Village of Baldwin, you will obtain a driveway permit from us.  If you are building in any other municipality you will get your driveway permit from them.

2.  Obtain a Sanitary Permit

Your licensed plumber will apply to the county in which you are building in unless you are connecting to village or city sewer. In that case, you will contact the Village/City Administrator.  If you are replacing a manufactured home with another manufactured home, you will need to obtain a sanitary "reconnect" permit.

3. Obtain a Land Use/Zoning/Conditional Use Permit, If Needed.  

(Note: A Land Use or Zoning permit is NOT the same as a building permit.)

It is up to the applicant to make sure that all zoning regulations are being followed.  This includes but is not limited to making sure there are not restrictions on what you intend to use the structure for, how many structures are allowed, the height of a structure, and the physical landscape of the lot (i.e. slopes, ponds, rivers, easements, protected areas....)  Your building permit only addresses construction codes etc.  Anything relating to the above is outside All Croix's responsibility.   If you are unsure who to contact about zoning,  click here.

If you are in the Village of Bay City, click here.

4. 2 Sets of Building Plans

Please include 2 sets of plans or manufactured home packet.   You must include anchoring detail. You may have to provide the HUD certified manufacturing specifications for anchoring if it differs from the requirements of the UDC.  We will also need the construction plans for any decks or exiting stairs.

5. Certified Survey Map (CSM) or Plat

Obtain a CSM from the Register of Deeds at the County (You will find your setback information on this.)  If one is not available for your acreage, you will need to contact the zoning administrator to see what the property is zoned and what your setbacks are. If your project is zoned by Pierce County,  this is provided on your Land Use Permit. 


If you were issued any variances by the State, County, Village, City, or Town, please submit a copy with your building application and other necessary documents.  

7.  Cautionary Statement to Owners Obtaining Building Permits

If you are an owner acting as your own general contractor or you do not have a WI licensed Manufactured Home Installer, you must sign a cautionary statement of liability.

8. WI Uniform Dwelling Application

Please fill out in its entirety. The Manufactured Home Installer license substitutes for the Dwelling Contractor Qualifier Certification (DCQ.) You will also need to enter the WI Licensed Master plumber, Electrical Contractor, and Master Electrician.  

You do need a building permit for your manufactured home per the State of WI (SPS 320.02(1)(d).  So whether you are replacing an existing manufactured home  or moving a new or used manufactured home onto your property, you are required to get a building permit.  
FYI: Some municipalities have zoning ordinances that may dictate style, size, year, and location of your manufactured home.  Please check the zoning requirements in your municipality. 
SPS 320.10 On-Site Inspections of Modular and Manufactured Homes The inspections shall follow the same general procedure as the stick-built home. There shall be an inspection of the excavation, footing, foundation, below and above grade foundation insulation, and a final inspection. All of the rough inspections on the home itself will have been made by certified inspectors in the plant. The municipality or agency performing on-site inspections will be responsible for inspecting the electrical, plumbing, structural and insulation systems installed at the site. Although in-plant work may be done by non-licensed workers, any on-site work must be done by properly credentialed workers and contractors.

Manufactured Homes

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