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Sign Installing

Permit Application Process

STEPS to Obtain
the Sign Permit:

Please refer to the appropriate municipality's zoning code of ordinances for allowable sign specifications.


  • Submit complete application packet via email to You will be sent an email back stating it was received. You can also drop it off in the office during Walk-in Office Hours.  (See the Contact Us page for details.)


  • Wait patiently for permit application to be reviewed.  The review process may take up to 10 business days to complete. (This timeline is dictated by state code and the countdown starts upon the receipt of a complete packet.) Plan accordingly.


  • Pick up and pay for your permit.  Your sign permit will be sent to the Village or City Hall (wherever the project is located.)  The City or Village will contact you for payment and pick up. Note: Starting the project prior to having the permit in-hand may result in double permit fees/daily fines.


  • Begin inspection process. Click here to find out more about the inspection process.

for Application: 

1. Completed Sign Application
  • a sign application should be completed for each type of sign.    
2. Construction plans
  • footing detail, attachment detail etc.

3. Location diagram
  • include site diagram or building diagram if applicable

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