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Did you know there is such thing as 

"Good Neighbor " Fence Etiquette?

There is!  And if you are unaware of what this may be, doing your research may help you avoid unintentional discourtesies.

All Croix Inspections issues Fence Permits for the Village of Baldwin, the Village of Ellsworth, the Village of Roberts, and the Village of Spring Valley.  Each municipality has different requirements for fence heights, setbacks, etc.  Please see the links below for more detail.
White Picket Fence
1. Fence Permit Application
2. In addition to the one page application, we also need a copy of the recorded CSM or a complete plat map of the development, if one is available (You will get this from the Register of Deeds.) If you are in a development, then there will a plat map available. You will find your setback/easement restrictions on this.  It may be more restrictive than the general zoning code.)   
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