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Gather required documents #1 & #2 (see below) to make complete application packet 

Submit complete application packet via email to You will be sent an email back stating it was received. 

Wait patiently for permit application to be reviewed.  The review process may take up to 10 business days to complete. (This timeline is dictated by state code and the countdown starts upon the receipt of a complete packet.)  Plan accordingly.

Pick up and pay for your permit.  When your permit is ready for payment, an email will be sent with the cost and instructions on paying if you are in a township.  If you are building in a City or Village, the City or Village will contact you for payment and pick up.

Install your fence according to the conditions on the permit. Once it is installed, request a final inspection to close the permit.  To find out more about the inspection
process, click here

STEPS to Obtain Fence Permit:

Do I Need a Fence Permit?

Yes, if you live in:

  • Village of Baldwin

  • Village of Bay City

  • Village of Ellsworth

  • Village of Roberts 

  • Village of Spring Valley


All Croix issues the fence permit for the municipalities listed above.   Each municipality has different requirements for fence heights, setbacks, etc.  Please see the links below for more detail.

Click on LINKS  below for Fence Ordinances:

Village of Baldwin

Village of Bay City

Village of Ellsworth

Village of Roberts


Village of Spring Valley

Did you know there is such thing as 
"Good Neighbor " Fence Etiquette?

There is!  And if you are unaware of what this may be, doing your research may help you avoid unintentional discourtesies.

Some municipalities have made the "Good Neighbor" fence part of their ordinance which means the finished side must face your neighbors.



1. A copy of the recorded CSM or a complete plat map of the development, if one is available (You will get this from the Register of Deeds.) If you are in a development, then there will a plat map available. You will find your setback/easement restrictions on this.  It may be more restrictive than the general zoning code.) 


2. Fence Permit Application


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