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Driveway Permits

All new construction needs either a driveway application or a copy of an approved driveway permit  turned in with the new house building application. 

If you are building in the towns of Clifton, Hammond, Kinnickinnic, Richmond, Oak Grove, or the Village of Baldwin, you will obtain a driveway permit from us.  If you are building in any other municipality you will get your driveway permit from them.  IF YOU DON'T THINK A DRIVEWAY PERMIT IS REQUIRED, WE WILL STILL NEED SOMETHING IN WRITING FROM THE MUNICIPALITY SUBMITTED TO US WITH YOUR APPLICATION SAYING A DRIVEWAY PERMIT IS NOT REQUIRED.  We can accept a printed copy of an email from the municipality stating a permit is not required.  

Where Do I Get a Driveway Permit?

If your driveway will exit to  a Town Road,  you will obtain your permit application from the municipality. (Exception: Towns of Clifton, Oak Grove, Hammond, Kinnickinnic, and Richmond and the Village of Baldwin will obtain a driveway permit from All Croix Inspections. See the driveway applications on this page.)


If your driveway will exit to a County Road, you will obtain a permit application from Pierce or St. Croix County Highway Department.


If your driveway will exit to State Highway, you will obtain the driveway permit from Wisconsin Department of Transportation – Eau Claire.

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