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Permit Application Process

STEPS to Obtain
the Driveway Permit:

All Croix Inspections issues driveway permits for:


Town of Clifton

Town of Hammond,

Town of Kinnickinic

Town of Oak Grove

Town of Richmond

Village of Baldwin

All new construction needs either a driveway application or a copy of an approved driveway permit  turned in

with the new house building application. 

If a driveway permit is not needed, we will need documentation from the proper authority stating that. 

  • Gather required documents #1- #2 (see below) to make complete application packet.
  • Submit complete application packet via email to You will be sent an email back stating it was received. You can also drop it off in the office during Walk-in Office Hours.  (See the Contact Us page for details.)
  • Wait patiently for permit application to be reviewed.  The review process may take up to 10 business days to complete. (This timeline is dictated by state code and the countdown starts upon the receipt of a complete packet.)  Plan accordingly.
  • Pick up and pay for your permit.  When your permit is ready for payment, an email will be sent with the cost and instructions for paying if you are in a township.  If you are building in a City or Village, the City or Village will contact you for payment and pick up.
  • Your driveway will be inspected with your building inspections unless you are not building anything, then you will need to request an inspection once the driveway is complete.


If All Croix doesn't issue the Driveway Permit, where do I get it?

If your driveway will exit to  a Town Road,  you will obtain your permit application from the municipality.

​If your driveway will exit to a County Road, you will obtain a permit application from Pierce or St. Croix County Highway Department.


If your driveway will exit to State Highway, you will obtain the driveway permit from Wisconsin Department of Transportation – Eau Claire.


1.  Copy of County-recorded Certified Survey Map (CSM) or the County-recorded Complete Plat Map 
Most properties have a certified survey map or are recorded on a plat map for the development.  These documents can be obtained from the County Register of Deeds.  This document may show the setbacks for the property as well as any easements or pre-platted driveways.  If the property is part of a development, we need the complete plat map for the development (in order to see notes and the legend pertaining to the development.) We do not want the house stake out plan for this requirement. (The house stake-out plan, however,  is sufficient for the site plan.)  We want the official document recorded at the County that includes a legend. Note: It will have a stamped county seal.  If your property is unplatted and a formal map is not available, it is your responsibility to contact the zoning administrator for your property for setbacks or any other information pertinent to zoning.   If you are unsure who to contact about zoning for your property,  click here.
2. Completed Driveway Application. Click on links below.
Baldwin Village Driveway Permit Application
Clifton Driveway Permit Application
Hammond Driveway Permit Application
Kinnickinnic Driveway Permit Application
Oak Grove Driveway Permit Application
Richmond Driveway Permit Application
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