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DOCUMENT  Submission Form

Your inspector may ask for an affidavit describing the work performed.  You may only provide an affidavit in lieu of an inspection IF requested by the inspector.  If work is concealed without an inspection, you may be required to uncover the work.

You will need a valid permit number to submit an affidavit.  Please DO NOT call our office for that number.  The general contractor (or homeowner if acting as own general) should supply all sub-contractors with the permit number. It is located on the top right-hand corner  of the permit which is required to be posted on site.     

Please allow two full business days for review and processing of an affidavit prior to requesting any following inspections. (Meaning if you are trying to schedule a final but have outstanding violations that need to be cleared with an affidavit you must wait two business days for the affidavit to get processed before scheduling the final.  If the applicant receives an inspection report approving the affidavit prior to that, then an inspection can be requested at that time.) 

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