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Commercial Building Procedure


NO EXCEPTIONS!  Please provide a copy of the following documentation when submitting your building application: 

1.) Driveway Permit
Exit to Town Roads; permit application needed from the town.
Exit to County Roads; obtain permit application from County HWY Department
Exit to State HWY; obtain permit from Wisconsin Department of Transportation – Eau Claire.

2.) Sanitary Permit
Obtain through St. Croix County Zoning office (715)-386-4680 or Pierce County Land Management (715)-273-6747 by a licensed installer. If connecting to Village/City Sewer contact Village/City administrator.

3.) Land Use Permit
Obtain from St. Croix County Zoning office if your project is located in a shore land / river way area within St Croix County. Call (715)-386-4680 if you are not sure.
Obtain from Pierce County Land Management office (715)-273-6747 for all new construction or additions to existing buildings located in Pierce County. If property is located within the Village of Ellsworth ETZ (Town of Trimbelle or Town of Ellsworth) then approval is required from Village 715-273-4742


Obtain from the DNR if disturbing more than one acre of land. 

5.) A Certified Survey Map (CSM) or Plat

Obtain from County. Show lot dimensions, easements (public & private), location of project and any other buildings, wells and disposal systems (septic) on the property and all property lines. Include proposed driveway location and % slope. 

6.) Two sets of plans

If state approval or registration required per COMM 61.30 then bring a copy of state approved building plans along with a copy of plan approval letter from the state. You must have a copy of the state approved plans/letter upon submittal of building application or it will not be accepted.  

7.) Any approved variances issued by the State, County, Village, City, or Town

Please include a copy with your application. Separate emails will not be accepted.


Fill out all applicable areas, include owner’s name, address, and phone number. Name, address, phone number and license number of all your contractors (General Contractor, HVAC contractor, Master Electrician and Master Plumbing Licenses.)

9.) Obtain any necessary utility approvals


St. Croix County Land Use, Planning, and Development
Pierce County Land Management and Zoning 
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