SOLAR Arrays

Residential and Commercial

The below listed information must be submitted along with the application. 



Construction Drawings 

  • Two (2) copies of plans showing PV array configuration, wiring system, overcurrent protection, inverter, disconnects, required signs, AC connection to building, and attachment detail for roof mounted or footing details for ground mounted.

  • Plans for installations on commercial buildings need to be engineer stamped.

Spec Sheets & Installation Manuals 

  • Include specification sheets and installation manuals for all manufactured components including, but not limited to PV modules, inverters, combiner box, disconnects, and mounting system

Site Plan​ 

  • Required for ground mounted arrays

  • Include distances from array to centerlines or road right of ways, property lines, and/or other structures

  • Certified Survey map also required if property is in a development or Village or City

Zoning Permit

  • Required in Pierce County​ (aka Land Use permit)

  • Required in St. Croix County in specific conditions such as proximity to wetlands or bodies of water (check with St. Croix County)

Town Board Variances/Waivers​, if applicable

  • If any were required, you must provide a copy of meeting minutes or board letter of approval stating the conditions of the approval

Solar Array Application​

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