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House Frames

Inspection Procedure

General Information


  • Once your permit is picked up and paid for, the inspection process begins.

  • The inspections required for your project will be listed on your permit.  It is the permit applicant's responsibility to schedule inspections (SPS 320.10.) 

  • All permit applications require a final inspection before occupancy. Occupancy includes the storage of personal or business belongings, items, equipment etc.

  • Construction may not proceed beyond the point of inspection until the inspection has been completed.   

  • It is the permit applicant's responsibility to make sure the inspection has been completed.  An inspection report will be emailed to the address on file.  If you do not receive the inspection report, do NOT proceed until you have it. 

  • Inspection requests MUST be made from this website. We do not accept emailed requests or phoned in requests.

  • Inspections must be made by 12 pm the day before the inspection is wanted, anything requested for the following day  after the 12pm cut-off time will automatically be moved to the next business day.

  • Only one inspection will be done per property per day so coordinate your subcontractor inspections (framing and RI's, in-floor and poly etc.)

  • All preceding inspection types must be approved before requesting a following inspection (i.e. the framing and RI's inspection must be approved before requesting an insulation inspection, etc.)  Exception:  A wall inspection request may be made before the footing is approved for new houses.

  • If you are not ready for the inspection during the scheduled window of time, you will be charged a "not-ready" fee. 

Please Note:     

All-Croix Inspections does NOT schedule on a first-come, first-served protocol.  Though we will try to accommodate your requests, inspections will be scheduled as they fit into the inspector’s daily route and under the time frames dictated by WI State Code .


Thank you for your cooperation!

SPS 320.10 (2) 3 states that the inspector has two full business days from the time the construction is ready for the inspection to be completed. Final inspections may take up to five days to inspect after completion.

Requesting  (or Canceling) an Inspection

  • Inspection requests must be made by noon the business day prior to when you would like the inspection.   (That means for a Monday inspection, the request must be made by noon. )  The request app does not have a way to prevent someone from choosing a Monday inspection time after noon on Friday so if this happens, your request will be automatically scheduled for the next business day.  

  • You will need the correct permit number and address.  (Please watch Streets and Avenues. There are several addresses that share the same house number that will put our inspector in the incorrect place.  You will be charged if this happens.)

  • You can request an inspection up to 7 days in advance.  However, requesting an inspection early does not give you any advantage over any  other inspection requests.    State code dictates the time frame in which an inspection must be completed so that everyone has a fair opportunity to get a timely inspection. 

  • The time you are selecting on the form is not the time you want the inspection--it is the time you will be READY for the inspection.  We will get there after that time.  If our route takes us through an area earlier, we will try to give you a chance to be ready earlier. 

How do I know if my inspection request was received?

The inspection request process has several checks and balances throughout but it does require some attention.  When you first submit a request, you a "pop-up" window stating your request was sent  (along with other pertinent info.)

If the form was filled out correctly and the request was sent properly, you will also get an email with a copy of your request.  (We suggest that all general contractors who have subs requesting inspections require that this email is forwarded to them.) 

By 2:30 the business day prior to the date you requested for your inspection, you will get an email with the estimated time of the inspector's arrival.  

So if you have requested an inspection for Thursday next week, by 2:30 on Wednesday of next week, you will get an email with a time.  If you do not have an email, something is wrong and you need to contact us ASAP regarding the inspection request.

Interpreting Inspection Results

  • The inspection report comes as an email.  Keep these emails in an easily accessible place. They will need to be reviewed before requesting a final inspection.  

  • The emailed report is the official written report.  Sometimes communication relayed from a subcontractor onsite gets lost in interpretation. Please refer to the emailed inspection report for  final determination.

  • The email is only sent to the applicant--not the inspection requestor (unless the two are one and the same.)

  • The applicant needs to communicate any additional corrections or requirements with the subs and follow up to ensure the corrections have been done.


Example Email of a Report




SUBJECT:  Address: 1234 NEW SHED AVE Permit#: B-23-23XXXX Insp #: 00X

Inspection Type: FOOTING




Inspection Results:  



Good News!  Your inspection passed.  You may have a few corrections to make (read the report carefully) but they are on your honor so please continue working toward your next inspection.

 Conditional Approval

Further actions are needed on your part. You are either required to submit (or have a sub-contractor submit) an affidavit or there is something that needs to be reviewed at your next inspection.  Read your report carefully to see what the inspector wants.  (P.S. You can't do an affidavit unless the inspector specifically requests one.)


Your inspection failed.   Please read your report carefully.  You may not continue onto the next stage of your project until the corrections are made and approved by the inspector. This will happen with an approved reinspection of this same inspection type.  Read your report to find the steps needed to rectify the violations.  

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