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   As with any other construction project, the need for a pool permit is dependent on the township, city, or village in which you reside and its municipal ordinances. Please email our office to see what the requirements are in your township or check for Ordinance links below.


Kids Pool Tubes
Documents Needed





CSM or Plat map from the Register of Deeds at the County, if available. If you live in a development, then a plat map should be available. You will find  setback/easement  information on this that may be more restrictive than the general zoning for your area.)  If one is not available for your property, you may  need to contact the zoning administrator to see what the property is zoned and what your setbacks are. 


Land Use Permit/Conditional Use Permit/Zoning Permit , if needed. It is up to the applicant to make sure that all zoning regulations are being followed.  This includes but is not limited to making sure there are not restrictions on structure use or  structure location due to physical landscape of the lot (i.e. slopes, ponds, rivers, easements, protected areas....) Your building permit only addresses construction codes etc.  Anything relating to the above is outside All Croix's responsibility.   If you are unsure who to contact about zoning,  click here.

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