Town of Spring Lake

Pierce County, Wisconsin

Mailing Address:      PO Box 178,  Spring Valley, WI 54767                     Phone: 715-772-4241

Physical Address:     N7717 County Road B, Spring Valley, WI 54767   Email:



New House Site and Construction Info



    Each new home is a unique situation and needs to be managed case by case. The Town of Spring Lake Board needs to approve all new houses.  One of the Town’s Comprehensive Plan goals is to preserve prime farmland for farming. The Town will work to minimize the impact on farmland and supports ways for new homes to be built. Minimum house lot size is 2 acres. There is a max of four houses per 40 acres per the Spring Lake and Pierce County Comprehensive Plans.

Once you have decided to build a new home in the Town of Spring Lake, you must give preliminary notice of plans to the Town Board. Provide a brief written description including location site/address and with estimated house plan dimensions and land photo.  Send to or mail to PO Box 178, Spring Valley, WI 54767.  The Town may request a visit to any proposed home building site. The new house owners may also be asked to attend a monthly meeting.

The Town Board and Plan Commission meets monthly on the second Tuesday of the month. Please submit information at least a week before meeting to be added to agenda. Someone from the Town will respond and keep you updated. Using email is preferred, but phone and mail is an option.

After the Town meets and reviews a new house request, an email (or mail if requested) will be send with approval or request for more information. This email (or mail) can then be submitted to our Building Inspector, All-Croix Inspections, LLC.

PLEASE NOTE: You must contact both the Town of Spring Lake and the building inspector if there are any changes, amendments or revisions made at any time during construction to either construction or site plans.


To see the Spring Lake Comprehensive Plan visit: