Permit Cost Estimation

BILL TO: Applicant                                                                             FOR: New Dwelling or Residential  Project Valued over $100,000

DETAILS                                                      AMOUNT

Administrative Fee                                                                                                    $25.00
Plan Review Fee *contracted price based on municipality                           + $50.00 - $150.00
Inspection Fee                                                                                                        + $850.00 plus $.12/SF*  

Other Fees: Bonds, Municipal Fees, Impact Fees                                          + $ per municipality fee schedule                                                                                                                                        
                                                                                                                           = $TOTAL 

*based on finished and unfinished space    including garage, porches, bonus rooms etc. 

Explanation of  Charges

The Plan Review Fee is a one time review of the application and submitted documents.  Any changes that require review after permit is ready for issuance are charged additional plan review fees.

The Inspection Fee includes 1 inspection per TYPE required.  (This fee is not based on trips. Framing and Rough-ins are done at the same time.)   Additional fees will be charged upon occurrence for: 
Partial inspections
                                Examples include:
                                                     upper level only  or lower level only inspections
                                                     framing inspection without rough-ins                                                                                                                                                     separate fireplace inspections that are not done with framing and RI’s

                 2. Not ready
                                 Examples include: 
                                                     prior corrections not fixed
                                                     not 100 % ready for type of inspection requested 
                                                     items on final checklist not complete
                                                     no access to site or unsafe inspecting conditions

                                                     plans not on-site


Reviewal of media or an affidavit equals 1 inspection

Bond Fees, Impact Fees, and Town Fees are set by municipality.  These are included in the total fee due upon pick up of the permit. 

A permit is not valid until paid in full.  Working  (this includes site excavation) without a valid permit will incur double permit fees and/or daily fines.