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Inspection Procedure

Once your permit is picked up and paid for, the inspection process begins.  The inspections required for your project will be listed on your permit.  It is the permit applicant's responsibility to schedule inspections (SPS 320.10.)   All permit applications require a final inspection before occupancy. Occupancy includes the storage of personal or business belongings, items, equipment etc.

 Construction may not proceed beyond the point of inspection until the inspection has been completed.    It is the permit applicant's responsibility to make sure the inspection has been completed.  An inspection report will be emailed to the address on file.  If you do not receive the inspection report, do NOT proceed until you have it. Keep in mind that we are letting you schedule in advance of when code dictates so please work with us! 

If you are not ready for the inspection during the scheduled window of time, you will be charged a "not-ready" fee.   

Please Note:

     All-Croix Inspections does NOT schedule on a first-come, first-served protocol.  Though we will try to accommodate your requests, inspections will be scheduled as they fit into the inspector’s daily route and under the time frames dictated by WI State Code .


Thank you for your cooperation!

Did You Know?

SPS 320.10 (2) 3 states that the inspector has two full business days from the time the construction is ready for the inspection to be completed. Final inspections may take up to five days to inspect after completion.

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