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Interpreting  Inspection Reports


  • The inspection report comes as an email.  Keep these emails in an easily accessible place. They will need to be reviewed before requesting a final inspection.  For more info on final inspections including checklists, click here.

  • The emailed report is the official written report.  Sometimes communication relayed from a subcontractor onsite gets lost in interpretation. Please refer to the emailed inspection report for  final determination.

  • The email is only sent to the applicant--not the inspection requestor (unless the two are one and the same.)

  • The applicant needs to communicate any additional corrections or requirements with the subs and follow up to ensure the corrections have been done.

Inspection Results:


Good News!  Your inspection passed.  You may have a few corrections to make (read the report carefully) but they are on your honor so please continue working toward your next inspection.

Inspection Results:

Conditional Approval

Further actions are needed on your part. You are either required to submit (or have a sub-contractor submit) an affidavit or there is something that needs to be reviewed at your next inspection.  Read your report carefully to see what the inspector wants.  (P.S. You can't do an affidavit unless the inspector specifically requests one.)

You can continue working towards your next inspection but any corrections that are to be reviewed at that inspection must be done.

Inspection Results:


Your inspection failed.   Please read your report carefully.  You may not continue onto the next stage of your project until the corrections are made and approved by the inspector. This will happen with an approved reinspection of this same inspection type.  Read your report to find the steps needed to rectify the violations.  

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