There are some VERY important details to know about final inspections.

EVERY permit with the exception of driveway permits REQUIRES a final inspection.    If a permit does not receive an approved final inspection, it remains open.  If the permit expires before receiving an approved final, the permit remains open and in a violation status.  This is a permanent record that stays with the property address.  It is the APPLICANT'S responsibility to schedule finals and re-finals.


ALL permits require a final inspection of all components and systems BEFORE OCCUPANCY. Occupancy includes the storage of personal or business belongings/items/equipment. You may not move anything into your building BEFORE the final inspection. Failure to comply will result in the loss of bond monies and/or daily citations and fines.


There is a checklist of requirements for each type of project.  All requirements must be ready at the time of inspection or you will be charged a “not ready” fee. By code, the inspector has 5 full business days from the time you are ready for your for your final inspection to complete it.  Though we can usually get to the final inspection within a day or two, a failure may result in a five day wait. Please plan accordingly! (All other inspections make take up to two full business days.)

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