What You Should Know:

Erosion control is not a stand-alone inspection (though it can be if there is a complaint.)  Erosion control inspections begin with the first inspection (which is usually a footing inspection) and continue throughout the building process. Erosion control measures must be placed prior to excavating. This includes a tracking pad to keep sediment off roads. Tracking pad is 50’ of breaker rock or gravel mulch (Class 5) from road to structure.


Erosion control measures also include keeping adjacent properties free from blowing construction materials and run-off sediment from rainfall etc.

Relevant Code Sections from WI SPS Uniform Dwelling Code

321.125 Silt fence, straw bales, or non-channel matting to protect downslope perimeter; 12" thick (3” to 6” diam. clean stone) tracking pad on all access drives (50 ft. length or to the foundation); soil stockpiles protected by proper erosion control methods; waterbodies and drainage ways protected from sediment discharge; no tracking onto street; off-site inlet protection; recheck as needed for repair and maintenance on future inspections.