1.The first step in the building application process is  figuring out what municipality you are building in and who your building inspector is.



2. Determine the type of application you need and what documents you need to turn in with it.  

3.  Complete the application in its entirety and have ALL the documents needed before submitting.   We will not accept any applications with missing information nor will we hold applications for you.

Submit your application.  New house applications or any application with extensive plans cannot be emailed.  You can either mail it or drop it off during our walk in office hours.  If you drop it off in our office, we will review your documents to make sure you are not missing anything.  Other applications can be emailed in their entirety to office@allcroix.com.  All documents must be attached to one email.  If you are notified that your application cannot be accepted because you are missing information, you must email back the entire application including all of the documents.  We do not save individual documents from any application.  You are required to get all of them to us at one time.

4. Applications are processed in the order in which they are received.   WI Code SPS320.09 (11) dictates that the inspectors have 10 business days to review a fully complete application. If an application is missing pertinent information, it will lose its place in the plan review queue and start over when the missing information is received.

5. The Building Permit must be issued (and paid for) prior to any construction, including excavations ( SPS 320.08 (1)).

6. We will call you when your application is approved and ready to be picked up.  At that time, you will also be given the cost of your permit.  Please refrain from inquiries regarding the status of your permit unless it has been 10 business days since submitting.

7.  Once your permit has been paid for and picked up, you are ready to schedule the first inspection listed on your permit.

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